Sep 1, 2014

we made it!

We have arrived in Edinburgh! After weeks of stress and preparation and several outbursts of “just forget it!”, we are actually here. I honestly can’t believe it. There was so much to do to get ready for this, it seemed impossible to get everything done in time.  August was full of packing, selling stuff, packing, cleaning, and more packing.  We boxed up our entire house and stuffed our suitcases to the brim with clothing and shoes. We were permitted three 50-pound checked bags, three carry-on bags, and three personal items (we used backpacks). We considering shipping some household items but after looking at the cost to do so realized it would be cheaper to just buy what we need here.  We made our last trip to the storage unit hours before our flight left, went to church for sacrament meeting, and were dropped off at the airport by my aunt and uncle. Twelve hours later, we squinted our eyes at the Edinburgh sun. While we have only been here for a week, there is so much I’d like to write about.  I’ve decided to break the week up into several posts. So bear with me.

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