Jul 19, 2012

I'm getting married.

In sixteen days.........




No big deal.

I met Neal Lutz just a week after my last blog entry...I've started to compose a few posts since then but I always end up writing a novel...there is a crazy and irrational woman inside me who feels the need to explain every last detail of how we met and the craziness of the first couple of months and the way my life has completely changed, and the next thing I know, I realize that my post is comparable in length to Don Quixote. Those who know me well are aware that I tend to do the same thing in person-ramble and ramble and provide way too much information...followed by awkward silence, followed by some more rambling.

So, I would like to start updating agian. I have a list of blogs I have like to read every day (some would say (coughNealcough) I stalk these individuals and families....but that's such a harsh word, and besides, they're the ones who decide to lure us vulnerable readers in with their fascinating lives. They're the ones who know the pain and agony caused when they go on vacation and don't tell us they won't be posting for a while and we're twiddling our thumbs wondering if they're okay and what's happening and missing them and only breathe a massive sigh of relief when they return from their trip to Hawaii and promise to post pictures soon) and have really learned to appreciate the way blogging can keep people (especially families) connected and involved with one another in a way that even Facebook doesn't. Plus, it's a good cop-out for those of us who aren't great at journaling as often as we should (write post, press CTRL+P, you're good to go).

Neal and I were matched on eHarmony in September, started communicating in October, met in November, he moved to Kansas is January, he proposed in April, and we're getting married in August.  He knows me better than anyone in my life ever has, including my mother. We enjoy the simple things--reading together, doing crosswords, cooking dinner, going to movies--and are looking forward to the exciting things we plan to do together--traveling, living abroad, winning the Amazing Race, etc. This is happening because we were two people, who were in the right place, at the right time, with the right mentality, to fall in love with each other...right away.

Okay sweet...Now that everyone's up to speed with the last 9 months of my life, can I just say... I'm the worst bride-to-be ever? I am terrible at making decisions, terrible about asking for help, terrible at choosing colors and remembering which shades I chose, terrible at concentrating on planning (particularly when my fiance' approaches me with a bowl of chocolate cookie crumble ice cream), terrible terrible terrible. But. I would also like to say that I am so looking forward to celebrating with our favorite people in the world in just a few short weeks. We couldn't do it without the help of our incredible friends and family. There have been numerous times since we've been engaged that one of us will sigh and say "I just love our people." You know who you are.

PS. I am also really, really, really looking forward to marrying my best friend.

PPS. Does anyone else find it odd that this blog has shifted from cancer-mom-updates to Dani-rambling-about-herself to hey-look-we're-the-Lutz's? I should probably just start a new, seperate blog but we all know I'm too lazy for that.

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