Jul 16, 2014

we're moving...

.... to SCOTLAND!

It's utter chaos at the Lutz household right now. In fact, I'm blogging specifically to avoid the mess that is my living room...piles of clothes, empty cardboard boxes, VIP (very important paperwork), etc...but also to share the exciting (albeit stressful) news that we are moving across the pond next month!

Long story short: Neal is going back to school for his MBA at Edinburgh Napier University. His grandmother was born in Edinburgh, and her parents immigrated to the states when she was a little girl, so he's always had a desire to visit the country. To dig around at his roots if you will. Masters programs in the UK are shorter in length (twelve months) and cheaper than most American schools. We would both love to have the experience of living abroad, but my husband is the one with actual guts to move forward and make it happen. And honestly, now feels right. We've talked a lot about waiting to go, but as our family expands, we know it will become less of a possibility and more of a dream. So we're going to seize the day and just do it. YOLO and all that.

Eleanor has her little passport, we've applied for our visas, and booked our flights. We're scheduled to depart the US on August 24 on an early red-eye flight.  In the meantime, we have to weed out what we're leaving vs. taking, sell things we want to get rid of (garage sale), secure housing in Edinburgh, and a billion other things.  I am trying to stay organized but I keep starting little projects without finishing them, alas, the crazy house. I keep fantasizing about two months from now, when we should be nice and settled in and I can hopefully have a normal routine.

So. If anyone has advice on executing an international move, traveling with an infant, or knowledge of weird Scottish lingo, please be in touch.


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