Jun 18, 2014

as of late.

Neal was gone all last week on a high adventure trip in the sand dunes of Colorado with the young men from church, and I had a teeny taste of life as a single mom. A single mom of a single baby. How some women one-handedly parent their childREN on a regular basis amazes me. Props to you ladies.

 While he was gone, I was forced to learn to change the liner on our diaper pail. It's really not that complicated but I had successfully avoided learning how to do it for four months. Neal has come home to an overflowing pail a time or ten, and considering that he would be returning from his trip in time for father's day, I decided it wouldn't be cool to go the whole week without emptying the thing.

Taken in my review mirror at a stoplight. I think this was the moment she decided to set a world record for dirty diapers in one week.

The first night he was away, I heard Eleanor on the baby monitor at 3 AM, letting out a loud cry. Not a hungry cry, or a sad cry, but the yell she gives when she's trying to roll over. We call it her warrior cry.  It's loud, determined, and really does resemble Serena Williams during a tennis match. When she first started rolling over, she tried for over an hour with yell after yell and passed out from exhaustion. Neal and I felt like we had watched her first sporting event. I thought about adding some protein powder to my breast milk. Anyway. I heard her warrior cry in the middle of the night, and then silence. I thought it was weird, but it sounded like she had gone back to sleep. I went to check on her (we should invest in video monitors but we're way too cheap) and saw that she was face down in her crib! We have swaddled her at night since she was born, and she's always slept great that way. But since her arms were tight at her side, she was unable to push herself up and even just turn her head to the side so she could breathe. Obviously I freaked out, took the swaddle off, and decided it was time to break her of the wrap. It was a rough week, because she was startling herself awake at night with arms are free to fling as they please, but it seems like she is getting used to it and is sleeping through the night again. Neal is depressed that we aren't swaddling her anymore, he says she's growing up too fast and needs to be a little burrito forever.
                                                      Officially swaddle-free !
I discovered that Eleanor loves being outside. Whenever she gets a little fussy, I walk out to our bench and we watch the cars drive by, the wind blow the big trees in our neighborhood, and the stray cat who thinks he lives in our yard. Works every time.

Eleanor heard Doc Martins are back in style and thinks she can pull it off.

Back in time for Father's Day! The papa is obviously way more fun than I am.


  1. Cute, cute, cute! I can't wait to meet her . . . someday. :)


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