Sep 1, 2014

small town girl

I'm from Newton, Kansas. The largest city I've lived in is Wichita, and really, does that count as a city? Not when we're talking about city living. Using public transit, buying groceries daily, a small apartment with a large price tag, etc. Edinburgh is actually just a bit larger than Wichita, it's just much more compact.  At this point, I've had as much culture shock living in a city as I have living on a different continent.  But I'm slowly learning. We have had so much fun just walking around. The buildings are so old and beautiful and rich with history. We haven't had a chance to visit any museums or castles yet, but we have an entire year for that. I'm content just walking around with Elle in the Bjorn, soaking it all in. We had to take two buses home from church the other day, when we should have walked, because my feet couldn't take it in the heels (the shoes I convinced my husband that I needed and insisted I would be fine to walk across town in them),but I didn't mind because we drove through gorgeous neighborhoods we hadn't seen yet. I can't wait to get to know this place. We love it already.

Ordering our first Scottish meal (fish and chips. so good!)

hard to find, but it's here.

Watching the end-of-festival-season fireworks downtown.

Eleanor loved them.

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