Sep 1, 2014

a quick jaunt to Falkirk

The day after our arrival, we decided to leave our still-packed suitcases behind and take a little drive out of the city. We had only booked our rental car for three days and wanted to make the most of it. A friend of mine from Wichita, Marisa, attended University several years ago in Stirling, where she met the Scottish gent who is now her husband.  She moved back to Scotland shortly after they married. Awesome, right?  She has been a wonderful resource to use as we have muddled through visa applications, choosing a school, getting around the city, and cultural adjustments. We asked her advice on where to take our drive and she recommended for us to visit a park called the Helix in the town of Falkirk, about 20 minutes from Edinburgh.

I wish I had taken more pictures of the playground at this park, because it was the coolest one I've ever seen! There was this huge wooden log hanging from a bar that at least 10 people could stand on to swing back and forth. We saw a little girl hopping on a piano "keyboard" that played a note with each key she hit. There were netted saucers and a jungle gym I wanted to climb myself. Sadly, I only took a picture of this very very tall slide. Neal wanted to take Eleanor down...I'm a little relieved he didn't.

We followed the path at the Helix all the way to the Kelpies, these massive sculptures of two horse heads.  When Marisa suggested it, I pictured some statues maybe my height, but these were HUGE! We were in complete awe.

Obligatory family photo. Get used to these.

It was so sunny outside, it was just the perfect place to go. We met up with Marisa for dinner in Falkirk, and I'm disappointed we didn't think to take a picture, especially after all of her help and advice. Next time!

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