Sep 2, 2014

No. 3 Caledonian Crescent

One of the reasons we chose Scotland for grad school is that both Neal and I have ancestry throughout the country, and we wanted to research and explore our roots. Neal's grandmother, Mary Ferguson Harris, was born here in Edinburgh--just a few blocks away from where we live now!--and immigrated to the US with her parents when she was three years old.  She was born in a flat on a street named Caledonian Crescent in 1903. She died at age 54 of cancer, when Neal's mom was only 19, and he never had the chance to meet her.

So it's pretty crazy that Gregor, our letting agent, happened to find us a flat around the corner from the very building where she was born! It's on the way to both our bank and doctor's office. It's soo close, we are ridiculing ourselves for visiting today for the first time.

This gorgeous church is right next to the flat where Mary was born. We plan to return and check into it a little further; we have no records thus far on her christening. Maybe it was done here!

We have big plans to invite ourselves in someday soon--and  take a little tour of No. 3!

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