Sep 4, 2014

Edinburgh Castle

Neal has orientation for school next week, where he will enroll for classes, find out his schedule, get a student ID, all that good stuff.  We can't get a bank account here until he has a student ID...and we can't sign up for cell service until we have a bank account. We brought enough cash, we can skype and make phone calls if we are connected to wifi, and we can text as usual. So it's not a huge deal.  But I still feel like we're on vacation, because everything is kind of on hold until school starts. Neal doesn't know his class schedule yet, which makes it hard to apply for a job (his visa allows him to work part-time) without knowing his availability. I, on the other hand, should be searching for a job (I'm permitted to work full-time, and am looking for something I can do from home, part-time, so I won't have to arrange child care for Eleanor (dream on right?)), but it's hard to do when Neal has this free time now and there's so much to see in the city that we're trying to do as much as we can before school starts, while the weather is still nice, get the idea.

Anyway, today we went to the #1 tourist attraction in Edinburgh...the castle. It is HUGE! It sits on top of an extinct volcano and is just magnificent to look up at. Like the museum, it's way too big to experience in one afternoon, but we spent a few hours there today and had a blast. We purchased a family membership to Historic Scotland, which gives us unlimited access to various castles and exhibits around the country, so we didn't feel rushed to see it all as we will no doubt return several times.  Even though Eleanor is free, we bought a pass that includes 2 adults + up to 6 children, just in case we have any visitors with kids (hint hint!)...we would happily loan it to you! We can't wait to come back--we mostly walked around outside so will have to save some of the inside exhibits for a rainy day.


This is an alter in the oldest building in Edinburgh--a small chapel built in 1100AD!

One of the chambers of the Castle Prison--which at one time held more than 1,000 POWs.

This is the face of a baby who was rescued from her stroller after hours on cobblestone walkways.

 Passed these in a shop window and nudged Neal. He gave me a knowing look and said, "go get some". I happily obliged.

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