Sep 3, 2014

National Museum of Scotland

Today we decided to hike over to the National Museum of Scotland. We knew we wouldn't be able to see everything in one day, but admission is free, so we plan to return for subsequent visits.  It's in a huge, magnificent building with five different levels full of artifacts and history.  I felt a little sad that Eleanor isn't old enough to learn anything from our visit--the museum had such a great, interactive way to teach kids about the world. Anyway, it was a fun way to spend the afternoon. And of course I have more pictures of our walk to the museum than the place itself :)

Fell asleep in my arms as we stopped for a break--that face!

We were tempted by this gourmet ice cream on the walk back to Downfield Place-- Crusty Bread & Nutella?? Yes please! But we decided to skip out and came home to our less luxurious store brand Neapolitan. :(

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  1. Eat at Mum's! (You have a picture of it, right around the corner from the museum). They have the BEST steak pie I've had here and about 20 varieties of mash.