Feb 22, 2011

“Feliz Cumpleaños”

 That's how they say it in Spain.

“Fröhlicher Geburtstag,”
in German it means the same.

“Gratulerer med dagen,”  
Norwegians say it too.

But any way you say it, it means
"Happy Birthday to you!"

Can't believe my baby brother is 21. We don't have a scanner here so I'll have to wait until I go to my Grandma's next to put some of his mish pics up. He says he's already being spoiled there and has had several different families bake him birthday cakes. Here's a bit of an email he sent last week (hopefully he doesn't mind me sharing it with the blogging world. I'm sure he wouldn't..?!) Please note: when we email back in forth we are both incredibly rushed (especially him) so disregard the lack of punctuation/proper grammar. His letters are much more thoughtful but also more personal so I won't share them :) Also! I told him I spent 18 dollars on an envelope of an important legal document I sent him to have notarized (hence, his excitement about using a notary) so that he would NOT lose it, and his response cracks me up. What a goof.

sister sister,
that sounds real tough. Ive never felt so important! Using a notary! CAn i have my own body guard take me to and from the bank? And why did the envelope cost so much, i got like 50 for 4 bucks. just sayin you should work on your bargain shopping. I cant just go to the mission office though but they should send it quickly. I usually dont get mail untill tuesdays for some reason so i will probably get it tommorow. I am not worried about having you be my attorney. I remember when you should have gotten a ticket in front of the high school and you just cried and everything was okay. Seriously though i will be as speedy as grandma whippin out her camera for a snap shot. Im glad you are able to talk with grandma and grandpa, I hope they are doing okay! I worry about them and pray for them all the time.
I guess its good that your staying busy but dang, Even on the mission I dont have thaaaaaaaaaaat much to worry about. Patrick did get baptized yesterday though and confirmed all on the same day because of stake conference. his wife invited all of her family, so they were all there and then patrick and his brothers fam and some more of his freinds came and so ive never had a baptism with so many non members there. Afterwards he had a party at his house and made some delicious ribs and we all chilled. His brothers wife grew up mormon and wants to go back to church now and wants her husband (patricks brother) to join the church. Great things are happening. The G-Rods have had a tough week because of family problems. They have had a  lot of deaths in the family recently and have close relatives that are dying so its a sad time for them.  Transfers are next week so i will be emailing on tuesday. I will probably stay in elk grove but my companion will most likely change again. I am gonna try and send you pictures today.
relief society huh? haha I am picturing relief society arms right now. Thats gonna be you soon enough! Just kidding thats really really cool. My last area the Stake Presidents wife was our relief society president and we were tight! Its gonna be a lot of work and worry but you will get opportunities to serve thats for sure. Dont be afraid to use the missionaries to help lighten the load a little bit. Go shake some hell. we just made zone t shirts that say that :)
Valentines day isnt going to freak me out i dont think but i gotta admitt when i saw the stuff in walmart it reminded me that it has already been a year and then i thought about how it was about this time and it wasnt a good feeling. I figure im gonna have a little girl someday though and i dont want to take away valentines day for her so i guess im gonna be celebrating it anyways. 
had the spanish elders who live with us come to dinner at our members house and it was seroiusly the funniest dinner ive had out here. Its terrible but the people were just really wierd and we just talked about the craziest things and afterwards we all just started cracking up because the people were just crazy...
aaaaaaaaaaanyways i love you. i be prayin.
Elder Klein

And finally, a song that reminds me of Elijah. Happy Birthday broseph.

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  1. You both are two of the greatest people I am lucky enough to know! You both have such an amazing balance in your hearts, souls and minds! Love you both so very much!!