Feb 26, 2011

day one.

1.This picture includes three of my favorite things: sunshine, cryptograms, and cruise ships
2. I bounce a lot when I walk, and I walk really fast. Whenever Katelynn and I are shopping or walking down Mass or whatever, I'm walking twice as fast as her but we're still going at the same pace because her legs go up to my neck.
3. I have a lisp. And I hate it.
4. I change my hair color every six weeks. Drives my father insane.
5. I always feel really rushed when I do things. I am in and out of grocery stores like lightening. It's difficult for me to relax ever, (unless I'm literally on vacation) because I always feel like I need to go somewhere or do something. Rushed rushed rushed.
6. I am obsessed with the Kansas Jayhawks. Like you didn't know that already. My favorite player this season is Tyrel Reed (ty-reezy). He hits threes perfectly- when we need them the most. AGHHH I love March Madness!! Also, I'm awesome at bracketology. My dad calls me for my picks each year so he can use them for his work pool.
7. I love chinese food and greek food the most. If I had a constant supply of tzatziki, I would put it on anything everything. While I'm on the subject of food- I hate cake-and frosting.
8. I played the piano for 12 years, but haven't had one in the house for the last several years (kind of hard to fit one in an apartment). I miss it. I'm afraid I'll be awful if I sit down to play again.
9. I love all game shows- especially the bad ones like Don't Forget the Lyrics. Wheel of Fortune is my all time fave, with Jeopardy coming in at a close second. Cash Cab is great too. Ohhh, don't get me started.
10. I've had gout twice in the last year. The second time I had it, my friend Cody goes "Like what sailors get??" (he was thinking of scurvy.) It's totally an old man disease- in fact, I got rid of it by taking my GRANDFATHERS medication. It's usually caused by drinking a lot of beer or eating excessive amounts of red meat or being severely overweight. Since I don't drink, and hardly ever eat red meat, and I'm not obese....I dunno. I'm guessing it's genetic in my case. I need to get a doctor's appointment scheduled so I can figure out why I am susceptible to "gout attacks," as they're called. It was the most intense pain I've ever felt in my life- ever! Worse than dry sockets. My big toe was really swollen and red and it just throbbed and throbbed. I would have it propped up on pillow at night, and even the slightest breeze would send shooting pains through my leg. I'm not joking! My poor mother, who was sick from chemo and everything else, felt so sorry for me and was doing everything she could to make me feel better. I thought I had broken a bone in my foot and so I wore a boot around while I was working. The second day of my gout attack, a doctor was sitting at one of my tables and asked me why I was limping. I explained to him how something happened to my foot, but it didn't feel like a broken bone, that it felt more like a muscle injury. He asked to look at it, and I took my boot and sock off IN the restaurant (I realize I am grossing EVERYONE out with this story) and he took one look and said, "Girl, you got gout." He looked incredibly sympathetic because seriously, SERIOUSLY, it's so painful. He told me to go get a prescription asap. I called my dad crying and he happened to be with my Grandpa, who happens to suffer from chronic gout (really, all gout is chronic- once you have it, you're more likely to get it again and again, usually about once a year. I wrote a report about this for A & P. This fact makes me terrified about future gout attacks), and he brought me these amazing magic pills that got rid of the gout within 24 hours. I was so relieved he did, because this was on a Saturday and I couldn't wait another two days.

Gross, huh?

There you have it.


  1. I. Love. Your. Blog. You're going to Kimberly's wedding right?

  2. I cannot believe you had gout! You poor baby! I do not know much about it...that is TERRIBLE! I am curious about what the gout medicine does. I did not know you didn't like cake and frosting. Good to know....haha love you!