Jan 19, 2015

Christmas in Scotland

Edinburgh is a breathtaking city year-round, and did not disappoint with its festive December trimmings.  The European Christmas market, a slew of carnival rides, and two ice rinks in City Center were full of people for the entire month (an unsettling, claustrophobia-inducing amount of people, in my opinion) but it was a beautiful and fun atmosphere when we were brave enough to face the crowds.


Poor photo quality, but can you see the piper?

Santa ignored my requests for this gorgeous reindeer hide...rude

Trying to peek at the choir
Cheesin' at the Ward Christmas Party
...which went way past E's bedtime. 

Eleanor woke with a fever of 101 degrees F on Christmas morning.  It was the first time she'd ever been sick.  She was sad, rosy-cheeked, and refused all solids (very abnormal from our chubster).  With a bit of tylenol and a lot of cuddling, she made it through the day just fine.  It really made me appreciate how lucky we are that she's a healthy, happy kid.  A former co-worker of mine has a two-year-old daughter who was recently diagnosed with neuroblastoma, and watching her/her family go through such a scary experience has helped me realize we should never take our children's health for granted.   You can read more about/donate to Abriana here.

Sock stash. 

No smiles from this solemn sickly lady.
We spent Christmas day at the church, enjoying a traditional British dinner with several other families in our ward.  It was so much fun, and the food was divine.  We learned about and observed some interesting British traditions:

We had a humble but beautiful holiday season.  I daresay it was our best yet (our fourth Christmas together--woah). Thank you to all of our friends and family who sent lovely cards/gifts...international postage isn't cheap, and it meant a lot to us.  Happy Belated Christmas! (do I sound British in this paragraph, because that's what I'm going for..?)

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  1. If you think it's busy at Christmas, wait until Festival season. Ooph.