Apr 6, 2011

day 5: a picture of your favorite memory

March Madness can be a time of devastating heartbreak. You could just ask any Kansas basketball fan about how they've felt after our losses in the last two tournaments....but don't. It's too soon to go there right now. But March Madness has also given me my absolute favorite memory from the last 10 years.  This one is simply a no-brainer: KU winning the NCAA National Championship in 2008.

Thousands of people watched the game on the jumbotron in Allen Fieldhouse. I'm pretty sure the entire state of Kansas underwent a human produced earthquake when Mario made that Miracle 3. We won in overtime. We rushed Mass Street. It was a party for two days straight. There were people climbing trees and light posts. Everyone was hugging everyone.  Katelynn was planting huge kisses on stranger's foreheads. We danced from 17th street down to 6th. Drivers encouraged us to stand on the hood of their cars and cheer as they inched down the street. It was so, so, so happy.

Kate on some dude's shoulders. This is how I found her after we were seperated.

I really do love my Jayhawks. Next year boys, next year.

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  1. My roommate and I had an epic wrestling war as she tried to convince me that the other team was going to win. Began with us running around our apartment with rolled up newspapers... it ended with her pinned down watching as Kansas won it all.